Insulating sticks

The insulating sticks are protective devices designed to avoid the contact with live conductive parts and to assure the minimum approach distance towards live parts during manoeuvres in indoor or outdoor electrical installations. If for workings in low voltage installations there isn't a minimum approach distance (only the direct contact with live parts is forbidden), in medium and high voltage installations the minimum approach distance (provided by national regulations) varies from 0,8 m to 3,7 m depending on the nominal voltage of the installation and the type of installation. The operating voltage of the insulating sticks should be equal or higher than the nominal voltage of installation (Un). There are two types of insulating sticks (connectable or telescopic), manufactured from fiberglass tubes. Each stick has an operating head that allows the connecting with a part of the installation (e.g. special hook for switches) or a coupling system that allows the fixing of a protective device (e.g. voltage detector, anchoring hook, phase clamp of earthing device). There are different types of coupling systems, but most common are hexagonal system (manufactured from plastic elements, in two shapes: fixed or foldable (hinged)) and bayonet system (manufactured from metallic parts). All kinds of insulating sticks are provided with a limiter (usually a ring) that separates the stick's handle to the useful (operational) part of the stick. During the workings, the worker must keep his hands only on this handle. The sticks are characterized by the following dimensional elements: - Total length - measured between the two extremities (ends); - Useful length - measured from the extremity that contains the coupling system or operating head until the handle ring. This length must be greater than the minimum approach distance; - Handle length - measured from the handle ring to the other end of the stick (protection cork). Depending on the domain of use, insulating sticks are manufactured according the EN 61230; EN 61235; EN 60855 standards. The insulating sticks can be used in indoor or outdoor installations, during dry weather. For wet conditions, some special characteristics are needed. The insulating sticks can be used for: - mounting and removing phase clamps of earthing devices; - mounting and removing insulating shutters; - mounting and removing anchoring hooks / devices; - operating of switches; - operating live conductors; - checking the presence/absence of voltage using voltage detectors; - mounting the fault indicators on medium voltage overhead lines; - rescuing an injured person or removing various objects fallen on live conductors.In order to be used in various situations, the insulating sticks might be provided with different adaptors and accessories.

    • Connectable sticks
      The connectable insulating sticks are made of one or more modules, mechanically assembled by the user. There are various models designed for a specific application or multi-purpose insulating sticks.The most known and used connectable insulating sticks are provided with bayonet coupling system - PMU type (used in dry conditions) or PMP (used both in dry and wet conditions), known also as multi-purpose insulating sticks.Other types of connectable insulating sticks can be used for: - operating of switches (PSU type), - operating live conductors (PCU type), - operating electrical eq... Read more...
    • Telescopic sticks
      The telescopic insulating sticks are made of two or more undetachable tubes (of various diameters) that can be extended or gathered up. The telescopic insulating sticks - PTU type - are provided with a hexagonal coupling systems that allow the connection of other kinds of protective devices, adaptors or accessories. In the coupling system can be directly connected a voltage detector (MV / HV), any phase clamp of the short-circuiting and earthing device provided with hexagonal rod of 12 mm. The PTU sticks can be used in order to obtain an anchoring points for workings at height.The stick is... Read more...
    • Adaptors
      The adaptors usually allow the connection between the coupling system of the stick and other equipment with different connection system.The AF E-C, AR E-C and AB/DTTU-Tv can be used with connectable insulating sticks (PMU and PMP type), provided with bayonet coupling system.The AC/DTTU-Tv, AR C-C, ACMIT/C and ACAI/C adaptors can be used with telescopic insulating sticks (PTU type), provided with hexagonal coupling system.
    • Miscellaneous accessories
      Miscellaneous accessories - various devices used along with the insulating sticks for diverse operations in electrical installations or which have the scope of protecting the insulating sticks and other devices during transport.