Tightening handle for phase clamps

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The tightening handle is a device that can be used in special conditions for applying of short-circuiting clamps when, given the small space, workers cannot use insulating sticks appropriate to the installation voltage (Un max = 20 kV), situations specified in the internal work safety regulations of the users and to avoid their application by hand.

The tightening handle is provided with a ‘’RO bayonet’’ socket coupling system which can be adjusted in two positions: fixed or articulated.

The handle is not (and does not replace) an insulating stick because it does not provide the protection distance between the operator and the power installation but it allows the installation of clamps on conductors without any hand contact.

The use of the tightening handle in activities that does not meet the conditions specified by the safety regulations in force exonerates the manufacturer from any responsibility.
Total length: 440 mm.