Safety harnesses

According to the regulations in force, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used as a fall arrest system must include a body harness provided with straps for the shoulders, legs and bottom (also known as safety harness) which provides: a) positioning and suspension of the worker during work; b) limitation of the worker’s movement towards the source of injury, by falling from height. Safety harnesses are personal protective equipment that include: - a positioning belt that includes a protection element of the lumbar area (also known as lumbar protection) and a belt consisting of a textile strap provided with length adjustment items and connecting items (rings) - a harness for the shoulders, legs and bottom made of textile straps, provided with length adjustment elements and items (rings, loops) required for the anchoring of the wearer Attaching rings are metallic and arranged sideways on the strap of the positioning belt. Anchoring rings are metallic or made as loops of strap and arranged in the front and/or rear of the belt harness, the anchoring ring being selected depending upon the specifics of each separate work (depending on the conditions of the work and the particularities of the anchoring system used). Safety harnesses are used together with non-adjustable or adjustable lanyards.