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Filter nozzles for drinkable water

The filter nozzles for drinkable water are components used for retaining the granular filtering materials (quartz sand or gravel) from the filters and the obstruction of their passing outside the filters. The components of the nozzles are made of polypropylene / PVDF, by plastic molding. Usually, the nozzles can be assembled in concrete plates or on collectors - distributors, made of metallic / plastic pipes and it is used a filtering element of 36 x 0,4. Flexible rubber gaskets or rigid polypropylene gaskets ensure the sealing of the nozzles on the mounting surface. The technical operating conditions are: - Maximum working pressure: 10 bar.; - Maximum admissible pressure difference: 6 bar; - Operating temperature (PP / PVDF): max. 80 / 135 ºC. The nozzles made by ROMIND are not limitative. At request there can be made various subassembly combinations.