Multipurpose telescopic insulating sticks – PTU-AS type (lmax: 6÷9m)



The telescopic insulating stick PTU-AS-400-4-C type has a total length up to 6 m and is
made of 4 undetachable modules.

The telescopic insulating stick PTU-AS-400-6-C type has a total length up to 9 m and is
made of 6 undetachable modules.

The insulating sticks are equipped with a fixed ”hexagon 12” F type coupling system and at the other end have a foldable metallic foot in order to facilitate the stability of the stick on the ground. The worker must position the stick in upright position and fix the foot pedal on the ground by stepping on the pedal during the entire operation.

These types of insulating sticks can be used at operations both in substations and overhead lines, where the working height does not exceed the length of the insulating stick.

It is recommended the use of the telescopic insulating stick PTU-AS-400-6-C type in all types of ground works on medium voltage overhead lines. The insulating stick may be used to apply the phase clamps of the earthing devices, to check the absence of voltage or to make anchoring points using different types of anchoring devices.

The locking of the stick in the working position is achieved by extending the sections (from the smallest in diameter to the larger ones) and locking their positions by means of spring-operated push-buttons. To prevent damage to or blocking of push-button actuations on long-length telescopic poles, the button area is covered with a semi-transparent elastic sleeve preventing penetration of dust, sand or water into the area and a safer operation of the worker when extending / retracting the modules. These elastic sleeves provide also a much better resistance to the shocks that can be caused by the fall of the stick on the ground.

The telescopic insulating sticks include insulating tubes made of fibre-reinforced plastic with diameters between 23 and 59 mm.

Insulating stick code Operating voltage Un (kV) Test voltage Uînc (kV) No. of sections Diameter of tubes (mm) Total length Lt (m) Handle length Lm (m) Working length Lu (m) Transport length Ltr (m) Weight (kg)
PTU-AS-400-4-C 35-110 190 4 (base)+1 tube 1 – Ø 23
tube 2 – Ø 30
tube 3 – Ø 37
tube 4 – Ø 45
3,35 1,73 1,62 2,01 3,2
220 380 4 (base)+1+2 4,66 1,66 3
400 695 4 (base)+1+2+3 6 1,58 4,42
PTU-AS-400-6-C 35-110 190 6 (base)+1 tube 1 – Ø 23
tube 2 – Ø 30
tube 3 – Ø 37
tube 4 – Ø 45
tube 5 – Ø 53
tube 6 – Ø 59
3,49 1,87 1,62 2,15 5,6
220 380 6 (base)+1+2 4,8 1,8 3
400 695 6 (base)+1+2+3 6,15 1,73 4,42
400 695 6 (base)+1+2+3+4 7,55 1,66 5,89
400 695 6 (base)+1+2+3+4+5 9 1,6 7,4