Collective Protective Equipment

Collective protective equipment are intended to prevent or to decrease the actions of risk factors upon one or more workers. Usually the collective protection materialises mainly by the provision of installations with devices and appliances designed for the sole purpose of protecting the workers during the work process.

The same category includes protection means for the material separation of the work area, intended to prevent the injury of work team members, but also of persons who may enter the work area by accident.
The material separation of the work area is performed by mobile temporary enclosures intended to outline the work area clearly. Usually, these enclosures are used together with warning safety signs.
Also designed to prevent the unauthorised access of persons in live electrical installations, permanent equipment and devices are recommended to prevent access to the power instalations or transformer substations.

In order to prevent the incorrect handling of actuators of electrical equipment, it is recommended to use the visible indication of equipment status (live equipment / de-energized equipment / earthed / in overhaul) and limitation of access to the actuation device by the use of mechanical locks.