Medium and High voltage detectors

Voltage presence indicators / warning devices and detectors are electronic equipment widely used as protective devices against electrical risks, their main purpose being to detect and indicate the presence of voltage in low, medium and high voltage installations. Voltage detectors are devices designed to check the presence/absence of voltage in all types of power installations. Detectors provide optical and acoustic indications of the presence of voltage in the inspected power installation.
Voltage detectors for medium and high voltage power installations are electronic devices designed for checking of  presence/absence of voltage using an insulating sticks appropriate to the installation and environmental conditions. This type of detectors also involves the test of the device functionality prior each use, and such test shall be performed by pressing the test button which will trigger the acoustic and optical indication of the detector, confirming the appropriate charging level of the battery and the electronic circuits are in good conditions.
Medium and high voltage detectors are devices that need to be checked both at commissioning and at periodic intervals regulated by the manufacturer.
Periodical inspections must be performed in special conditions, in laboratories accredited by the RENAR National Accreditation Association for such tests.
Note: Romind T&G owns a high-voltage test laboratory accredited by RENAR.

Voltage presence indicators and/or warning devices are portable equipment or with fix mounting in the electrical installations for the following purposes:
  • to warn the workers (with acoustic and visual signals) with regard to the proximity of a live installation;
  • to warn the workers against the accidental entrance beyond the mobile protection enclosures of medium voltage indoor installations or electrical equipment;
  • to prevent the access of workers in areas with electric shock hazard.