Insulating equipment

The insulated or insulating equipment is designed to prevent direct or indirect contact between live elements or conductors from electrical installations and the parts of human body. The contact between a part of the human body and a live part or conductor might occur by direct touching or indirectly, through a conductive object (e.g. a non-insulated tool). In order to prevent such a situation - which might cause injuries by electrical shock - the workers must use insulated / insulating equipment, specially designed to avoid the electrical contact between worker's body and live elements. In order to break the path of current, the insulated equipment should be temporarily used for covering the live conductors or another live metallic parts. Different types of insulated / insulating tools are specially designed for live workings. In this situation, the conductive part of the equipment can get in contact with live elements, but the worker is protected because his hand get in contact only with the tool's handle, usually made of or covered with insulated materials.