Adapters and accessories with ‘’hexagon 12’’ coupling rod



Adapters and accessories with ‘’hexagon 12’’ coupling rod are elements that can be assembled temporarily in hinged coupling systems with ‘’hexagon 12” socket of multipurpose connectable insulating sticks type PTU to allow the attachment to the stick of various protective equipment (short-circuiting device clamps, voltage detectors, anchoring elements for work at height).

Adapters and accessories can be manufactured from plastic or metal and are performed in the following constructive scenarios:

  •  adapter type ACMIT/C -provided with coupling system with ‘’RO bayonet’’ coupling socket
  • adapter type AR C-C – provided with coupling system with ‘’hexagon 12’’ socket
  • adapter type AF C-U – provided with universal coupling system
  •  adapter type AF C-DIN – provided with coupling system ‘’DIN bayonet’’ socket
  •  adapter type ACAI/C – provided with coupling system for ‘’CROCHEVIT’’ self-locking anchorage hook
  • adapter type AF C-K – provided with retractable hook (American system)
  • adapter type CASC/C – provided with fixed hook
  •  adapter type AC/DTTU-Tv – for the coupling the urban transport detector type DTTU-Tv