In order to fulfill the requirements of customers and suppliers, state authorities and other interested parties, our company developed and implemented an integrated system that includes the Quality Management System, the Environmental Management System and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Starting with 2005, all these management systems have been homologated by the Certification Body RINA SIMTEX and are permanently supervised by annual audits and constantly improved in order to conform with the standards in force. 









     Certificate ISO 9001                             Certificate ISO 14001                               Certificate ISO 45001                                Policy Statement Romind 

Moreover, the company management has been concerned to obtain for the manufactured products for work safety Conformity Certificates issued by specific Certification Bodies.

Having obtained these certificates, the symbols   or can be found on Romind T&G products, symbol that guarantees clients that before being launched on the market, the product has been designed, tested and certified so it complies with the standards in force. 
Also in the work safety area, we introduced in the market products having conformity certificates according European Markets, all these products having the conformity marking . Additionally, for these types of products, there were obtained and maintained marketing authorizations, agreements or technical approvals of the companies from the power transport and distribution (Electrica, , Transelectrica).

In order to offer our clients electric test reports for the products, we invested in building and accrediting a High Voltage Testing Laboratory
Starting September 2008, our Testing Laboratory functions according the specifications of   standard.
Regarding the water treatment or cooling towers equipment, we obtained and continuously maintain valid the following documents:
- Sanitary certificates and technical agreements for nozzles; 
- Agreements for cooling tower equipment.
A similar concern we have regarding the homologation of the Technical Agreements for Early Streamer Emission lightning systems imported from France and widely commercialized on the Romanian market.

In order to meet and exceed the requirements of our major clients, we have tested and homologated in terms of operational safety the steel wire meter seals. The technical performances of our meter seals have always been improved in order to ensure a higher degree of safety in use, seal used currently by major electricity distribution companies (Enel, Electrica, CEZ) or gas companies (Distrigaz Sud), along with railway transport companies.

Additionally, Romind T&G implemented environment safety protection measures and systems in order to assure the safety and health of users of products manufactured and commercialized by our company, as follows:
- holds an environment authorization;
- is registered as supplier of Electric and Electronic Equipment;
- is registered as Batteries supplier;
- delegated the responsibility of recovery and recycling of waste products to the associations ECOROM AMBALAJE, ECOPOINT (for electronic waste) and RECOBAT PLUS (batteries);
- holds the license to apply the green dot on products packaging. 

Romind T & G also implemented a program to prevent and reduce the amount of waste generated from its own activity.