Multipurpose modular insulating sticks – PMP type (dry and wet conditions)


SKU: PMP-Un-n-B/ba (see Constructive types)

Modular insulating sticks (PMP) consist of one or more elements (modules) that can be assembled mechanically to obtain the complete equipment.

Modular insulating sticks are provided, according to certification test, with ‘’RO bayonet’’ coupling system, which can be adjusted in two positions : fixed or articulated (when a 5-6° inclination is permitted for the coupling system comparted to the stick axis). Upon request of the client, sticks can be provided with other coupling systems (’’hexagon 12’’, ‘’universal’’, etc.).

They are recommended for the assembly of phase clamps of short-circuiting devices applied on flat bars in indoor power bays, on round conductors in substations and on medium or high-voltage overhead leads.

Modular insulating sticks include insulating tubes made of fiberglass-reinforced resin 38/46 mm (for PMP sticks).

Insulating stick code Operating voltage Un (kV) Test voltage Uînc (kV) Number of modules Total length Lt (m) Handle length Lm (m) Working length Lu (m) Transport length Ltr (m) Weight (kg)
PMP-110-2-B/ba 110 190 2 2,57 0,9 1,67 1,4 3,1
PMP-220-3-B/ba 220 380 3 3,81 1,1 2,71 1,4 4,6
PMP-400-4-B/ba 400 695 4 5,05 1,1 3,95 1,4 6,1

Insulating stick code Operating voltage Un (kV) Number of modules Total length Lt (m)
PMP-110-2-B/ba 110 2 2,57
PMP-220-3-B/ba 220 3 3,81
PMP-400-4-B/ba 400 4 5,05