Specialised insulating sticks – PSU / PAE type



Specialized insulating sticks are protective equipment to be used in medium voltage power installations in dry weather conditions.
Specialized insulating sticks include insulating tubes made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), with a range of diameters from 38 to 42 mm.

Insulating sticks PSU-Un și PAE-Un are recommended for the handling (closing and opening) of the switch disconnectors or for the operation of electrical equipment provided with rings or hanging sockets. These types of sticks are provided with a metallic handling head to operate electrical equipment, with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 42 mm.

The selection of the stick type is made depending on the position of the electrical equipment to be operated and the installation voltage rating.

PCU insulating sticks are recommended for the handling of live cables. These types of sticks are provided with a hook-type metallic piece, with a 100 mm opening.

The rescue insulating stick type PSU is specialized for the rescue of electrocuted (injured) people and for the removal of electrical conductors or of various live metallic elements and fallen on the electrocuted person or in the proximity thereof. The stick is used in medium voltage power installations, in dry weather conditions. This type of stick is provided with a hook-type metallic part, with a 380 mm opening, and a special adaptor in order to allow the attaching of an appropriate voltage detector.

Insulating stick code Operating voltage Un (kV) Test voltage Uînc (kV) No. of sections Diameter of tubes (mm) Total length Lt (m) Handle length Lm (m) Working length Lu (m) Transport length Ltr (m) Weight (kg)
PSU-20 20 60 1 Ø 38 1,23 0,41 0,82 1,23 1,2
PSU-35 35 105 1 Ø 38 1,66 0,61 1,05 1,66 1,4
PAE-35 35 110 2 Ø 38 3,07 0,9 2,17 1,6 2,7