Safety lanyards

Safety lanyards (also known as safety ropes) are components of the fall protection systems (systems for working at height). Lanyards must have a maximum extended length of 2 m, and their length is adjusted so that after the passing over the construction element (pole, caisson, metallic profile), the distance between the torso of the worker and the construction element is of maximum 0,5 m. If the pole subject to work includes a rigid fixed element, the PPE must be supplemented with the second safety rope caught on the access rope (as anchoring support) by means of a sliding fall arrester. Safety lanyards can be of non-adjustable or adjustable length. Those of adjustable length are provided with various types of length adjustment items: buckle, Manustop adjustment item. Lanyards are typically made of polyamide rope and are provided at the ends with eyelets that allow the connection of carabiners (detachable) or hooks (non-detachable).