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Cooling towers

ROMIND T & G offers its customers technical and economical optimized solutions for any cooling tower or cooling circuit. The solutions offered by our company ensure significant smaller investment and operation costs along with an increased productivity of the cooling installations. The fuel or energy savings achieved as a result of practical application of the proposed solutions will enable rapid return on investment expenses of replacing/refurbish the cooling tower. ROMIND T & G: - Produces and delivers modern functional components for new cooling towers or for rehabiliting/upgrading existing cooling towers of any type and capacity. - Delivers turnkey small or medium capacity cooling towers, with mechanical ventilation (forced draft). - Provides technical assistance, solution studies, operational expertise (performance tests) for cooling towers and cooling circuits. The main advantages of using Romind T&G products and services in the cooling towers area are: - Guarantee the best technical, professional, optimized solutions for each project; - Guarantee the purchase of quality equipment, certified and accredited; - Ensure prompt delivery of products and services (technical documents, functional equipment, assembly and installation works); - Guarantee achieving higher economical and operational indicators that lead to production cost savings; - Significant lower temperatures for recirculated water through technological installations; - Significant reductions in energy consumption for pumping water and air ventilation; - Increase of cooling tower efficiency; - Improve operability and reduce the maintenance/operation costs (the functional equipment requires lower maintenance and benefit of a longer life cycle); - Decrease of the make-up water and water loss; - Decrease of environmental pollution by reducing water loss with the aid of drift eliminators, chemical and thermal pollution reduction, materials recycling, noise reduction; - Increase the operational safety and reliability by avoiding incidents and damages in the plant, increase the life cycle of the equipment, avoid fire or frost inside the cooling tower, limit the problems caused by erosion, corrosion, icing of the fan blades.

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