Insulating flexible cover for bare conductors and LV insulators


SKU: TE-***-0

The insulating flexible covers are protective devices recommended for the temporary insulation of bear conductors of low voltage overhead lines (Un ≤ 1 kV), in dry weather, during live working. The insulating covers could be used also for covering the insulators disposed on the brackets of the concrete or metal poles where insulators must be covered.

Insulating flexible covers can also be used during live working in LV panels, by setting them horizontally on the bars located between the rows of HRC fuse sockets.

The insulating flexible covers are manufactured from yellow plasticized PVC, resistant to UV radiations and delivered in various lengths, together with insulating plastic pliers.

Technical characteristics
Maximum operating voltage (V) 1000
Dielectric rigidity – test voltage (V/3 min) 5000
Dielectric rigidity – withstand voltage (V) 10000
Oil resistance Category H
Very low temperature resistance (-40 C) Category C
Very high temperature resistance (+70 C) Category W


Product code Length (cm) Weight (kg) Number of plastic pliers Thickness (mm)
TE-075-0 75 0,7 3 2,5+/-0,5
TE-150-0 150 1,4 4 2,5+/-0,5
TE-200-0 200 1,9 6 2,5+/-0,5
TE-250-0 250 2,4 6 2,5+/-0,5
TE-300-0 300 2,8 8 2,5+/-0,5