Insulating wedges for LV ABC cables

SKU: PD 090 / PD 091 / PD 092

Insulating wedges are recommended for works on LV ABC cables (twisted in bunch) and are designed to separate the insulated conductors from the twisted bundle and maintain the distance between them, without damaging their insulation.

There are 3 types of wedges, made of insulating material: lever, triangle spacer and wedge spacer. Given its constructive shape, the insulating lever can be used for the separation of one of the conductors in the bundle.

In case the worker wants to keep a single conductor spaced, it is recommended to use the triangle spacer, and in case each conductor of the bunch shall be kept separated, the worker must use the wedge spacer.


PD 090

PD 091

PD 092

Name (shape)

Triangle spacer

Wedge spacer


Dimensions (mm)

75 x 200 x 15

80 x 250 x 15

30 x 190 x 15

Weight (gr)