Insulating blankets class 0


SKU: EIP 0 - 1,5X0

Insulating blankets apply on live electrical installation elements (overhead conductors, electrical panels, cables, insulators, separators, reclosers, fuses, transformer terminals) and are used to protect the workers against accidental contact with them.

Blankets are made of orange rubber (elastomers) with good insulating properties which allow enhanced visibility upon potential particle deposits (dust, soot, etc) or defects (scratches, orifices) on their surface.


Technical characteristics according IEC 611112:2009
Mechanical puncture resistance YES
Dielectric tests according given class YES
Ageing tests YES
Low temperature folding test YES
Flame retardance test YES
Ozone resistance YES
Acid resistance


Technical characteristics
Maximum operating voltage U (V a.c. / V d.c.) 1.000 / 1.500
Test voltage (V a.c.) 5.000
Withstand (puncture) voltage (V a.c.) 10.000
Roll length (m) 10
Hardness (Sh A) 60 +/- 5
Weight (kg/m2) 1,6
Standard width (mm) 1.000
Optional width (mm) 1.200
Surface form smooth