Insulated tools


Insulated tools are hand tools provided with an insulating protective layer, used for live works  or in the proximity of electrical installations with voltage rates of up to 1000 V AC and 1500 V AC.
Insulated tools are manufactured according to SR EN 60900 and they are provided with a unique insulating layer (knives and screwdrivers) or double insulating layer (pliers, wrenches, spanners, etc):
– inside insulating layer
– outside insulating layer of a different colour than the inside layer, designed to protect the active insulating layer and to indicate (in case of any damage or viewing the inside layer) the obligation to withdraw the tool.
Tools can be delivered individually or in kits (in tool bags).
Tool kits are manufactured in various versions, according to the customer’s demands.

Technical characteristics


Maximum operating voltage (V c.a./V c.c.)


Test voltage  Uînc/3min (V)


1. Insulated pliers
Universal insulated pliers (160 ÷ 210 mm)
Insulated side cutting pliers (160 ÷ 180 mm)
Insulated half-round pliers
Insulated half-round, nose pliers
Insulated round pliers
Insulated flat pliers
Insulated stripping pliers

2. Insulated screwdrivers
Insulated screwdriver with slotted head – various sizes
Insulated screwdriver with Phillips head – sizes 0 ÷ 3

3. Insulated wrenches and monkey wrenches
Insulated open ended spanner 6 ÷ 32
Insulated adjustable spanner L=250 mm

4. Insulated ring spanners
Insulated offset ring spanner size 10 ÷ 24

5. Insulated ‘’T’’ socket wrenches, drivers, socket wrench heads
Insulated tubular spanner with ”T” holder size 10 ÷ 24
Insulated reversible ratchet ½”
Insulated cap ½”; size 8 ÷ 27
Insulated holder ”T” for cap L=200 mm ½”
Insulated extension bar for caps L=125 mm or L=250 mm ½”

6. Insulated Allen keys
Insulated Allen key size 3 ÷ 10

7. Insulated cutting and stripping tools
Insulated stripping knives AM21 or AM22
Insulated cutting saw L = 300 mm
Insulated tools for cutting of Cu or Al cables
cable diameter < 20 mm

Other sizes available only on demand!