Insulating shutter


The insulating shutter is a protective equipment recommended for use in indoor power bays of a maximum rated voltage of 20 kV in order to prevent the accidental closing of the disconnecting switches.

The insulating shutter is applied by placing it between the fixed part of the switch and the mobile part in the open position.

Depending on the bay height, an insulating stick PMU 20-1-B/ba or PMU 110-2-B/ba is used for the application of the shutter.

The insulating shutter is made of polypropylene, provided with a support arm made of a 600 mm insulating tube.

The support arm is provided with a foldable bayonet coupling system in order to allow the fastening of the shutter in the stick.

The coupling system allows the fastening of the shutter in various inclinations towards the axis of the stick.

Technical characteristics
Maximum operating voltage (kV c.a.) 20
Test voltage Uînc/3min (kV) 50
Permitted leakage current (mA) max. 1,5
Total shutter dimension without arm / with arm* (mm) 710x500x150
Total shutter dimension without arm / with arm* (mm) 710x1235x150
Operating temperature range (0C)  -25…+55
Weight (kg) 3,5