Insulating shutter


Code: PEAD – 20

The insulating shutter should be used on MV cabinets in order to avoid the accidental closing of the disconnecting switches. The shutter’s mounting is performed by its positioning between the fixed part and the mobile part of an open switch. Depending on the positioning of the switch, this working procedure could be performed using a connectable insulating stick PMU 20-1-B/ba or PMU 110-2-B/ba.

The shutter is made of PVC plate and it has a removable element, made of insulating fiberglass tube (length: 0.6m). At the end of this element, a hinged bayonet coupling system allows the shutter’s positioning at different angles towards the stick’s axis.

Technical characteristics

Maximum operating voltage (kV AC)


Test voltage (kV/ 3min AC)


Dimensions without / with removable element (mm)

710 x 505 x 150 / 710 x 1235 x 150

Temperature range (0C)

– 25…+55

Weight (kg)