Cross-fluted film fill – R27 type

Cross-fluted film fill - R27 type


Code: R27

The fill R27 is cross-fluted film type. It is made in form of rectangular modules made ​​of adjacent corrugated sheets, from PVC or fireproof polypropylene.

The R27 fill can equip crossflow or counterflow cooling towers, with natural or forced draft.
The R27 fill can also be used at: decanting water, collection systems and rainwater infiltration systems, wastewater biological treatment systems, humidifiers, gas washing systems.

The fill modules can be used in one or more overlapped layers.

Parameter name


Cooling agent

Atmospheric air with or without industrial emissions

Inlet water temperature (0C)

5 ÷ 55

Inlet air temperature (0C)

-25 ÷ 55

Width of the non-thermoformed sheets (mm)


Average distance between sheets, h (mm)

27 ± 1

Module height, H   Standard (mm)
Minimum (mm)

603 ± 3
300 ± 3

Module length, L (mm)

500K ± 20, K=1,2,3,4,5

Module width, l       Standard (mm)
Maxim (mm)


Weight* (kg/m3)


Spraying density (m3/m2h)

3 ÷ 15

The R27 fill consists of thermoformed sheets of PVC or flame retardant polypropylene. By joining and adhesive gluing them together, they form packages (modules) of various sizes.

In order to intensify the heat and substance exchange process from the fill volume, the individual sheets succeed each other in such way that adjacent sheets gofering alignments cross between the sheets.