Water spraying nozzle – type DIATR

Water spraying nozzle - type DIATR

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The water spraying nozzles DIATR type are designed for counter flow cooling towers, with natural or forced draft, provided with water distribution pipes.

The water spraying nozzle that equip the distribution system of the tower are placed on the water distribution pipes, above the tower fill, at a certain distance (optimized), toward the upper level of the fill.The water spraying nozzles that equip the frost protection system are placed under the fill, all over the tower.
The water spraying nozzle DIATR type can be used also for the cross flow cooling towers, if they are equipped with water distribution pipes (instead of distribution tanks).

Technical characteristics


DIATR1 -“D”-“d”;
DIATR1C -“D”-“d”

DIATR2 -“D”-“d”;
DIATR2C -“D”-“d”

Working fluid

water circulated through the cooling circuits

Nozzle pressure (m. c. a.)

0,5 ÷ 3

Air temperature (0C)

-30 ÷ +50

Water temperature (0C)

+5 ÷ +80


with or without industrial emissions

Nozzle outer diameter “d” (mm)

Φ21 ÷ Φ37

Φ18 ÷ Φ24

Hole diameter of the distribution pipe (mm)

Φ63 ÷ Φ65

Φ40 ÷ Φ42

Outer diameter of the distribution pipe “D” (mm)

Φ140, 160, 180, 240

Φ125, 140, 160, 200

Distribution pipe thickness (mm)

3 ÷ 18

max. 10


The water spraying nozzle DIATR type is composed of:
– disperser (various forms, depending on each application),
– nozzle,
– pipe fixing elements,
– support with arms,
– extension tube (in order to increase the hydrostatic pressure of the water).