Drift eliminators – SS38 type

Drift eliminators - SS38 type


Code: SS38

The drift eliminators retain the air actuated drops in counter flow and cross flow cooling towers, with natural or forced draft. The drift eliminators usually retain drops larger than 50 microns.
The profile of the lamellar elements (profiled plates) of the SS38 drift eliminators is characterized by high retaining efficiency (residual water losses are below 0.01% of the water flow entering the tower) and a favorable ratio between aerodynamic resistance and the retaining efficiency.The material of the components (lamellas, spacers) has UV stability and resistance at chemical aggressiveness of water and air.

For counter flow cooling towers, the drift eliminator modules SS38 are mounted on beams above the water distribution system or, in some cases, directly on the water distribution pipes.

For cross flow cooling towers, the drift eliminator modules SS38 can be positioned either horizontally or vertically.

Parameter name


Working fluid

air with or without industrial emissions

Maximum operating temperature (0C)


Thickness of profiled plate (mm)


Average distance between plates, h (mm)


Module height, H (mm)


Module length, L (m)

max. 6

Module width, l (mm)


Weight (kg/m2)


Maximum operating temperature (0C)


The SS38 drift eliminators are composed of:
– Lamellar elements extruded from semi-rigid PVC (fireproof);
– Spacers (connecting elements) from normal or fireproof polypropylene.

The drift eliminators are delivered unassembled, the assembly being made on site.