Safety harness with 5 anchoring points – P-51E type

Safety harness with 5 anchoring points - P-51E type



Code: P-51E

The safety harnesses, P-51E type, are made in two types:
– P-51E – “elastic webbing”,
– P-51E ISOL – “elastic webbing” + “isolated”.

 The P-51E safety harnesses have 5 attaching points:
– a dorsal anchoring point (a metallic ring)
– two frontal anchoring loops (made of straps) that form a frontal anchoring point
– two lateral attaching points fixed on the work positioning belt

 All the P-51E safety harnesses are provided with a lumbar protector and a harness with separate adjustment systems for the leg straps (thighs) and the chest straps (shoulders).

All the P-51E type harnesses are supplied with automatic snap buckles and the straps for the upper part, in the shoulders area, are made of an elastic material in order be more comfortable.

The frontal anchoring loops are provided with shock markers.

The P-51E ISOL safety harness is provided with insulating protective material on all the metallic elements (buckles and side rings).

The P51E type safety harnesses are available in two sizes: M – XL and XXL.

Methods of use: