Signalling device for voltage presence – DIPT type

SKU: DIPT 6-35 kV

The DIPT 6-35 kV device is designed to warn working personnel against the accidental access beyond protective enclosures of indoor medium voltage power installations. It is installed on the flat bars of the power installation even without de-energising them first, by means of an appropriate insulating stick.

The device does not require its own supply source, as it is powered directly by the existing voltage on the flat bars of the power installation. Voltage presence on the flat bars of the power installation is signalled  by intermittent (red) optical signals.

Technical characteristics Value
Rated voltage of the installation  (kV) 6 ÷ 35
Signalling frequency (s) ≤ 12
Frequency of the rated voltage of the installation (kV) 50 Hz
Operating temperature range  – 10…+ 45
Optical signalling 7 red  LEDS
Thickness of the flat bar where the device can be mounted  (mm) max. 28
Overall dimensions (mm)  80 x 110 x 50
Weight  (kg) 0,26