Voltage detectors – DTCIER/P type – for HV power installations

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DTCIER/P 110 kV and DTCIER/P 220-400 kV voltage detectors are designed for the inspection of the presence/absence of voltage by direct contact with elements of indoor and outdoor high voltage power installations, in dry or wet weather conditions.

Voltage detectors – DTCIER/P type – have housings made of red transparent polycarbonate, a material with excellent mechanical and dielectric properties. On the lower part, the detector is completed with an “hexagon 12’’ rod, allowing its connection with an appropriate telescopic insulating sticks provided with hexagonal socket coupling system.

Voltage detectors – DTCIER/P type – are in a permanent “stand-by” state.

The control panel includes:
– the test button for checking of electronic circuits;
– the acoustic signalling buzzer;
– four bright red LEDs;
– one high luminosity green LED.

Prior and after each use, voltage detectors DTCIER/P type must be functionally tested by pressing the test button, as this check includes the test of the electronic circuits and the appropriate charging level of the battery. The ready for operation” period of detector is signaled by the green LED, for two minutes. 

After performing the operational test, the detector attached to an appropriate insulating stick is brought closer to the conductor until the detector’s electrode gets in contact with checked conductor. If the conductive element is live, the detector will indicate this by bright red flashing signals and high intensity acoustic intermittent signals (more than 90 dB (A)), both perceptible in unfavorable environmental conditions: noisy area and strong light.

Detector type DTCIER/p 110 kV DTCIER/p 220-400 kV
Rated operating voltage (kV) 110 220 ÷400
Operating temperature range  (0C) -25 …+55
Operating temperature range – long-term housing  (0C) -10…+45
Supply  9 V alkaline battery type 6LR61
Overall size – without contact electrode (mm) Ø 78 x 165
Overall size – with contact electrode (mm) Ø 78 x 380
Detector weight with battery (kg) 0,530
Usable in wet weather YES YES