Personal electric field detector 287 SVD

The personal electric field is an electronic device provided with an electric field sensor generated by a live conductor element supplemented with an optical and acoustic signalling function of the detection thereof. The detector is of non-contact type and it is provided with a small housing, made of shock resistant plastic.

The detector can be used on the protective helmet or on the outer side of the forearm
with the sensing side facing outward,
 (recommending that while wearing the device above, it must not be covered by any clothing). Detector 287 SVD warns the user with regard approach of a live equipment (conductor).

The device is provided with an internal self-testing circuit, and this function can be accessed by the simultaneous pressing of the two buttons on the front panel. Voltage presence indication is made by sound signals and by the red LED becoming activated.

Technical characteristics Value
Detection range (V) 110 ÷ 28.800
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Humidity (RH%) max. 80
Acoustic signaling (dB) > 70 at 1 meter
Operating temperature range (°C) 0 … +40
Dimensions (mm) 61 x 62 x 18,5
Weight (with batteries included) (gr) 70
Supply Alkaline battery 9V type 6LR61
Protection degree IP 65


Voltage (kV) Angle (°) Distance (cm)  
6,6 kV (3,8 kV – phase – ground) 90 80 cm ± 20%
11,4 kV (6,6 kV – phase – ground) 90 120 cm ± 20%
19,7 kV (11,4 kV – phase – ground) 90 160 cm ± 20%
22,8 kV (13,2 kV – phase – ground) 90 170 cm ± 20%