Bipolar phase correspondence indicator and voltage detector

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The CL 8-36 phase correspondence is a bipolar device intended for the inspection of phase correspondence and presence/absence of voltage by direct contact with elements of the indoor and outdoor medium voltage installations in dry weather conditions.

Prior to inspection, the indicator must be set to operating voltage (2, 3, 6, 10, 15, 20, 30 kV) by means of the rotary switch on the front panel.

The indicator display system (9 LEDs) allow the optical signalling of the potential difference between two phases (or a phase and earth), implicitly signalling the presence of voltage.

The device also allows the inspection of the condition of medium voltage fuses.


Technical characteristics


Rated operating voltage (kV)

2 ÷ 36

Total length (m)


Antenna length (m)


Cable length (m)


Maximum operating distance (m)


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