Warning tapes are intended to fence the work area to prevent the access of unauthorised personnel in the respective area. The warning tape for the separation of work areas can be made of textile fabric or plastic foil.

The textile tape is usually 40 or 50 mm wide, coloured red or with with alternative red and white stripes with a separation line arranged at 45 between the red and white areas.

The textile warning tapes are delivered as 50-m rolls. On demand, textile warning tapes can also be delivered and installed on rewinders.

The plastic warning tape (usually made of polyethylene foil) is 75…150 mm wide and can be monochromatic (red), monochromatic with various warning messages (red with white text, yellow with black text), in two alterning colours (red & white or yellow & black) or customised. Plastic warning tapes are deliovered as 500-m long rolls.