Work tents (for cable packing)- Pyramid Profesional type

SKU: 180 PZ / 250 PZ / 300 PZ

Work tents in electrical installations (packing) Pyramid Profesional and Cubic Profesional type are intended to protect the workers against bad weather, during the performance of mounting, maintenance or repair works such as : packing of electrical cables, welding assembly of pipelines or steel or plastic pipes, works on electrical or telephony distributing panels and boxes.

These tents can be used on any type of terrain and in difficult weather conditions (rain, wind, snow, drizzle) and they can be deployed in a very short time (seconds), because the components (rods) of their structure are pre-assembled with the tarpaulin, thus avoiding the possibility of misplacing them. Tents can also be used succesfully by emergency response teams, firefighters, SMURD, etc.

The tarpaulin is made of PVC-coated polyester, bright coloured (to provide appropriate inner visibility) waterproof material, wear-resistant and fireproof.

The rods are made of resistant and elastic materials (fibre reinforced polyester) and are mounted radialy in plates made of aluminium alloy.

The tents are provided with zip fastener openings which allow access inside and ventilation. Tents are delivered in a transport and storage bag.

Pyramid Profesional – code

Included standard equipment

Dimensions (m)
Length x Width x Height


180 PZ


Extended: 1,80 x 1,70 x 1,65
Packed: 1,40 x 0,25 x 0,25


250 PZ


Extended: 2,50 x 2,00 x 1,90
Packed: 1,75 x 0,30 x 0,30


300 PZ bag, stakes and
fastening rope
Extended: 3,00 x 2,00 x 1,90
Packed: 1,90 x 0,35 x 0,35