Mechanical locks – heavy duty

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Mechanical locks – heavy duty / steel plate version – are used in particular against the unauthorised access of persons in substations or in the electrical installations inside the cabinets. Given their constructive shape, locks are devices that provide mechanical lock-out of access in the area of live electrical installations. Locks are operated with a special universal key that fits all lock models (they cannot be operated by any type of hand-made key).
Locks can be assembled on the metallic doors inside the substations or in cabinets, on their metallic cover and thus cannot be subject to vandalism or destruction.

Mechanical locks – heavy duty versions are manufactured in two constructive versions, by the mechanical monobloc machining of the body (steel or brass – explosion-proof version with the same characteristics and dimensions as the steel versions (BIT 90/BIF 65))


BIT 90

BIF 65

Recommended place of use

Steel doors in transformer substations

Steel covers in cabinets

Closing operation

By the removal of the special key from the lock

Opening operation

From the outside – by the insertion and push of the special key
From the inside – by the operation of buttons on the locking elements (key removed)

Minimum dimensions of the locking socket (mm)

28 x 12

Stroke of locking elements (mm)



Dimensions (mm)

60 x 90 x 28

60 x 65 x 28