Rescue lifting device with pulley – RUP-502-U


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The rescue lifting device with pulley RUP-502-U model is used along with the TM9-N tripod for works in channels or wells allowing the vertical lowering / lifting of the operator / injured person in / from its interior.

The rescue lifting device with pulley RUP-502-U can also be used for material handling. The maximum load for use in this case is 500 kg, over a maximum distance of 25 m.

The device is easily attached to one of the legs of the TM9-N tripod by means of the UTB adapter (ordered separately), after which it can be used as an anchoring cable (made of galvanized steel, 6.3 mm in diameter) by turning the winch crank. The crank can be operated from 2 positions: 150 mm and 300 mm.

The RUP-502-U rescue lifting device can be used as a component of the rescue equipment. By using the device, the victim can be raised from a lower level to a higher level or lowered from a higher level to a lower level. The descent distance cannot exceed 2 m.
When the RUP-502-U is used for personnel evacuation (according to EN 1496: 2017 / B), the SDW energy absorber, connected by using the AZ011 carabiner at the end of the cable, is additionally used.

An AT 300 lifting harness (with or without carabiners), with a length of 90 cm and an opening of 35 cm, delivered on request, can also be used to lift the injured worker / person.

Maximum operating load – materials (daN)


Minimum static breaking force (kN)


Maximum permissible weight per person (kg)


Weight (cable length = 20 / 25 m) (kg)

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