Lightweight aluminum safety tripod – 3 anchor points TM9-N



The lightweight aluminum safety tripod TM9-N can be used as a component of fall protection equipment.
The TM9-N tripod provides protection for up to 3 people simultaneously.

The TM9-N tripod consists of a powder-coated steel head, equipped with 3 ball-bearing polyamide rollers for guiding the work rope of evacuation devices (CRW200 / CRW300 / RUP502-U ).
The head is also equipped with 3 anchor points located on the sides of the head. Each of these points can be used as an anchor point for fall protection equipment. One such point can only be used by 1 user at a time.

The tripod is designed to secure the RUP 502 U winch and / or fall arrest device and a rescue lifting type CRW 200 and CRW 300. To attach these devices to any of the tripod legs, it is necessary using the UTB adapter (ordered separately).
The fixing of the fall arrest devices and a rescue lifting CRW 200 and CRW 300 is done by additionally adding the PAD 100-310 adapter for CRW 200, respectively the PAD 100-320 adapter for CRW 300, these 2 adapters being fixed on the UTB adapter.

The tripod is equipped with three telescopic extension legs, which can be positioned in a circular area with a diameter between 1,09 and 1,50 m.
At the base, the feet are provided with non-slip articulated soles. To ensure the positioning of the legs (in the extended state), they are connected to each other by means of a chain.

Maximum operating load (daN)


Minimum static breaking force (kN)


Working load limit for 1 person (kg)


Height of anchor points (m)

153 – 210

Transport dimensions (cm)

Ø25 x 175

Weight (kg)