Ladder KRAUSE + hinged, telescopic, with 4 rail extensions - TeleVario type


The TeleVario 4 section hinged telescopic aluminum ladder can be used as double standing ladder or as two sepatare double standing ladders.

The telescopic rung-to-rung displacement of the outer ladder parts from rung to rung (ClickMatic system) in combination with 4 integrated rail extensions (expandable up to 230 mm) ensure the usage on stairs, steps and uneven surfaces without further accessories.

With a few adjustments, the inner and outer ladder parts can be converted into two separate double standing ladders which, equipped with a plank, can then be used as working table or trestle.

Additional stability is assured through corner braces.

The ladder is provided with non-slip, 2 component footcaps: the hard component ensures a strong connection of the cap with the rail, the soft component provides a strong surface stiction and prevents slipping of the ladder.

The ladder can be quickly and easily stored.


Code 122126 122179
Number of sections x steps 4 x 4 5 x 4
Working height A (m) 3,00 3,00
Working height A1 (m) 3,60 4,15
Working height A2 (m) 5,25 6,36
Double ladder height B (m) 2,05 2,55
Propped ladder length C (m) 4,20 5,30
Transport dimensions (length/width/height) (m) 1,35/0,36/0,20 1,60/0,69/0,20
Weight (kg) 16,00 18,00