Telescopic hinged KRAUSE ladder with 4 rail extensions – TeleVario type

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Telescopic hinged articulated KRAUSE ladders with 4 side rail extensions, TeleVario type, made of aluminium, can be configured depending on the working height and can be used in the following work versions:
– propped,
– as double ladder, (type Λ), or
– as two separated double ladders.

The telescopic extension of the outer parts of the ladder step by step (ClickMatic system), together with the 4 integrated side rail extensions (control range up to 230 mm), allow the use of the ladder on steps, sills and uneven surfaces without additional accessories.
Ladder components can be configured as two separate double ladders, usable with a footwalk, as a table or workbench.
The ladder is provided with enlargements at the base to provide higher stability.

Anti-slip base covers consist of two components: the rigid component that provides the solid connection to the side profile and the soft component that
provide better adherence to smooth surfaces and prevent the accidental slip of the ladder.

The ladder can be quickly and easily stored.

Code 122126 122179
Number of sections x steps 4 x 4 5 x 4
Working height A (m) 3,00 3,00
Working height A1 (m) 3,60 4,15
Working height A2 (m) 5,25 6,36
Double ladder height B (m) 2,05 2,55
Propped ladder length C (m) 4,20 5,30
Transport dimensions (length/width/height) (m) 1,35/0,36/0,20 1,60/0,69/0,20
Weight (kg) 16,00 18,00