Ladder IRMUT with work platform - from GRP + Al


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The IRMUT ladder with work platform, made of two sections, allows climbing from one side only. The ladder is manufactured with “U” shaped glassfibre (GRP) stiles and large aluminium non-slip steps. At the top, there is a safety handrail and a work platform automatically locks the ladder to keep it safely opened when in use. The ladder is supplied with small rubber feet and rubber protection caps.

The innovative triangular section of the treads and the new tread-stile junction give the ladder exceptional rigidity, stability and safety.

Closing the ladder, a special hinge keeps the two sections distant from each other, so that operators do not crush their fingers when closing it. The front and rear edges of the platform are fixed rigidly to the stiles without the possibility of being moved.

Only the central part of the platform can be moved, allowing the opening or closing of the ladder. This prevents the falling from the platform when the operators unintentionally step on the platform edge.





Code V 40503 V 40504 V 40505 V 40506 V 40507 V 40508
Number of sections x steps 2 x 3 2 x 4 2 x 5 2 x 6 2 x 7 2 x 8
Double ladder height A (m) 1,24 1,47 1,70 1,93 2,16 2,39
Work platform height B (m) 0,60 0,83 1,05 1,29 1,53 1,75
Ladder length B (m) 1,34 1,59 1,84 2,10 2,33 2,50
Ladder opening D (m) 0,75 0,88 1,02 1,15 1,43 1,60
Weight(kg) 7 8,50 10 11,50 13,00 14,50