Articulated ladders – Multimatic type

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The articulated ladders – Multimatic type – are made of aluminum and have four sections. The Multimatic ladders can be used as leaned ladders, double ladders (type A) or working platform (only in the version with 4 sections x 3 rungs/section – provided with supplementary platform).

The ladders are equipped with a patented hinge (with safety lock with operable handle with one hand) that provides fast and reliable conversion of the ladder.

The ladders are provided with two base flat rails, fitted with anti-slip caps, with two compartments of different hardness materials that increase the seating area and ensure smooth grip and prevent the slipping of the ladder.

The Multimatic ladders can be easily stored and placed in the trunk of the vehicle.




120632 120694

Number of sections x rungs

4 x 3 4 x 4

Working height A (m)

3,00 *

Working height A1 (m)

3,30 3,85

Working height A2 (m)

4,70 5,75

Ladder height B (m)

1,75 2,30

Ladder length C (m)

3,60 4,70

Weight (kg)

13,5 15,5

* It is prohibited the use of Multimatic ladder 4×4 as work platform