Extensible hybrid IRMUT ladder – 3 sections – model approved by Delgaz Grid


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Extensible hybrid IRMUT ladders with 3 sections can be configured depending on the working height and can be used in the following working versions:
– leaned, in retracted version
– leaned, in extended version

Hybrid IRMUT ladders have their rails made of rectangular aluminium profiles (for the base and
intermediate sections) and from glass reinforced polyester resin (GRP) (for the top section). Rungs
are made of aluminium profiles. Given the insulating rails, ladders are recommended for works in
electrical installations.

Hybrid ladders are delivered with a non-removable support, rolling, and fastening device of the ladder to the pole, with a textile strap.

Aluminium sections are manufactured to allow the attachment of the 2 detachable legs, with
adjustable height, so that the ladder can be used both in a system with 2 sections and 3 sections, the top section always having rails made of insulating material.
Sections can be separated one from another.

Hybrid ladders are delivered with the following accessories:
– Telescopic anti-flexion device, to limit the bending
– Extension device, for handling the upper sections from the ground

NOTE: the AV30039-3X ladder model consists of two aluminium sections with 14 rungs each and an insulating GRP section with 11 rungs is a special model approved by Delgaz Grid.


Nr. sections x nr. of rungs Length of
retracted ladder (C) (m)
Length of maximum
extended ladder (C1) (m)
Working height
(A1) (m)
Weight * (kg)


2×10+1×10 3,10 7,50 8,40 27,00


2×11+1×11 3,35 8,40 9,30 29,00


2×12+1×11 3,60 8,95 9,90 30,40


2×13+1×11 3,90 9,50 10,40 31,70


2X14+11 4,19 10,05 11,00 33,00

*Weight of the ladder does not include the weight of standard accessories:
– removable leg, adjustable height – 1,5 kg
– support, rolling and fastening device – 3,5 kg