CRW retractable fall arrester


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CRW retractable fall arrester is a fall protection device, which provides, in addition to the fall arrest function and the rescue function – the lifting or lowering of an injured person. Only one of the two functions of the device can be used in an operation. Changing the function of the device from rescue device to fall arrest device or vice versa must be done by the operator in accordance with the instructions for use of the product.

This equipment is intended for use by one person only.

The CRW retractable fall arrester can be installed on any structural element available as an anchorage point or on a tripod indicated by the manufacturer (TM9-N), by means of an adapter piece type AT 171 / AT 173 and of a pulley type PL 101.

The CRW 200 retractable fall arrester is provided at the top of the housing with an eye for anchoring, and on the side is provided with a handle that should not be used as an anchoring point.
The CRW 300 retractable fall arrester is provided at the top of the housing with a handle that can be used as an anchor point.

The CRW retractable fall arrester has an aluminum alloy housing. Inside the housing is a drum on which is wound a galvanized steel cable with a diameter of 4.7 mm and a braking device with energy absorber.
A crank is also attached to the outside of the housing to operate the device for lifting or lowering an injured person. The lifting and lowering system also includes an automatic brake.
A fully rotating hook with a fall indicator is non-removably attached to the lower end of the steel cable.

Visual / verbal contact, directly or indirectly, with the injured person must be maintained during the rescue process.

The lifting and lowering function of the device should only be used to rescue an injured person, not to lift objects.

The descent function can only be used for a maximum descent distance of 2 meters.


Technical characteristics

CRW 200-15

CRW 300-25

Minimum / maximum load (daN)

50 / 140

50 / 140

Cable length (m)



Transport dimensions (cm)

300 x 230 x 175

385 x 267 x 132

Weight (kg)