Rechargeable LED flashlight (mounted on the head or on the helmet) – RMD 5000 type

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The RMD 5000 rechargeable LED flashlight is provided with elastic straps for installation on head or helmet.

The flashlight is provided with 3 ULTRABRIGHT LEDs that can be activated in various methods.

The flashlight is delivered with 2 Li-Ion accumulators and multiple accessories for charging (see technical characteristics).


Technical characteristics  Value
Lighting mode  1 LED (central) » 2 LEDs (lateral) » 3 LEDs Flash mode
Light flow  2300 Lumens / white colour
Lighting distance Aprox. 300 m
Autonomy Max. 5 hours
Supply source Two 18650 3,7 V Li-Ion accumulators
Charging accessories 220 – 240 V AC charger, car charger
Charging time Maximum 10 hours with 220 – 240 V AC, depending on the accumulator discharge level
Fastening accessories 6 clamps for helmet installation
Protection level IP X3 – for usual exterior activities, resistance to moderate rain
Material Aluminium alloy / plastic / elastic textile strap
Weight 270 gr (with clamps and accumulators)

*depending on the accumulator charging level, age and number of LEDs in operation