Pulley system for the ground elevation of phase clamps type CAA of MV overhead line three-phase short-circuiting devices

SKU: P 2322

Intended use: application from the ground of mobile three-phase short-circuiting devices provided with CAA clamps on medium voltage overhead lines.

Directions of use: ground elevation and application on overhead conductors of phase clamps performed with the CAA type lifting clamp (1), provided with a pulley and applied beforehand on the highest phase of the medium voltage overhead line.

Each phase clamp of the three-phase short-circuiting device is fixed successively in the stick extension piece (3) assembled at the end of the 9 meter telescopic insulating rod (PTU-AS-400-6c), and by pulling the lifting cord (2), passed through the pulley of the lifting clamp (1), the phase clamp is easily lifted at the necessary height for its application on the overhead line conductor.The dismounting of phase clamps from the overhead line conductor is performed by means of the CDA/C dismounting hook assembled directly in the coupling system of the telescopic insulating stick.

Technical characteristics


Maximum height for MV overhead lines (m)


Lifting cord length (m)


Weight (kg)


1. CAA lifting clamp with pulley (1) – 1 piece
2. Lifting cord (Ø 8 mm) (2) – 1 piece
3. Stick extension piece (3) – 1 piece
4. Dismounting hook CDA/C (4) – 1 piece
5. Winding support for the lifting cord (5) – 1 piece