Programmable and directional short-circuit and earth fault indicator – Linetroll 3500

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Linetroll 3500
is used to locate short-circuit/ Phase To Phase (PTP) – and earth faults/ Phase To Earth (PTG) in overhead line distribution networks.
Linetroll 3500 is a 3-phase unit fully covering the different fault configurations that may occur. The indicator can be used in networks with isolated or impedance earthed neutral as well as compensated (Petersen coil) networks.

The indicators are placed at strategic locations along the line such as after branching points and sectionalisers. It is mounted on the pole, 4-5 meters below the conductors, by means of screws or wrapping-bands.
Live line mounting is done safely, easily and rapidly.

Upon detecting a fault on the line, the indicator gives off an intermittent red or green light- flash (LED).
One LED flashing indicating an earth-fault and both LED flashing indicating a short-circuit fault.
Xenon flash can be supplied as an option. The colors of the LED will also indicate direction to the fault location for earth faults.

LineTroll 3500 can be (optional) equipped with a relay card, short-range radio or GSM communication module for remote indication. Interconnection with Nortrolls Lon- Based MicroScada. Hardware relay interface / software protocol converter (IEC-870 or RP-570) is available for integration to a third-party.

Parameter name


Network voltage (kV)

6 – 132

Sensitivity for electro-magnetic field

Self-regulating – detection and analysis of electromagnetic field > 50 Hz (regardless of the fault current)

Power supply

Lithium battery

3,6 V; 16,5 Ah – 3 pieces
Battery replacement interval normally after 6-10 years in normal service,   depending on temperature and operational hours and the number of batteries

External ( Vtc)

10 – 24

Dimensions (mm)

100 x 380 x 200

Operating and storage temperature range (0C)


Weight (including 3 batteries) (kg)