Programmable and directional short circuit and earth fault indicator – Cabletroll 3500

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The Fault Passage Indicator Cabletroll 3500 is used to locate short-circuit/ Phase To Phase (PTP) – and earth faults/ Phase To Earth (PTG) in underground cable distribution networks.

Cabletroll 3500 is suitable in:
– 10-24 kV distribution networks
– Isolated-neutral networks
– Compensated networks (Petersen-coil)
– Resistance-earthed networks

The indicators are placed at substations, ringmain units or any installation where you have a cable termination and access to capacitive test points for measuring the phase voltage.

Upon detecting a fault in the cable, the indicator gives off an intermittent red or green light flash (LED). One LED flashing indicating an earth-fault and both LED flashing indicating a short-circuit fault. External indication units for mounting outside the station can be supplied as an option. The colors of the LED will also indicate direction to the fault location for earth faults with reference to the bus bar where the indicator is situated.

Parameter name


Network voltage  (kV)

6 – 35

Fault detection

Earth fault, adjustable:
1) 10; 20; 40 or 80 A
2) 40; 80; 120 or 160 A
Short-circuit fault: selectable at 400; 600; 800 or 1000 A

Signaling reset

Automatic, by return of voltage
Timer: 1; 2; 4 or 8 ore
2; 6; 8; 12; 16 or 24 hours
Manual, with test/ reset button
Remote: SCADA relay closed contact

Power supply

Lithium battery

3V; 1,2 Ah
It is recommended the replacement of the batteries every 15-20 operating years

External supply

1)  24 – 60 Vc.a. , 50 … 60 Hz, ± 10% 0,3 VA and battery
2)  12 V -110 Vc.c. ± 10% and battery

Operation and storage temperature range (OC)


Weight (kg)