Phase clamps for railways power installation


SKU: P 2449-0-00F / P 2160-0-00

The Classic Reduced Clamp for contact wire of the railways power installation (CCTU-Tf) is a screw-fastening clamp, similar with the Classic Reduced Phase Clamp (Cr), having a similar shape and construction. In order to be used in the railways power installations, the CrTf clamp has a mobile jaw driving by a screw, which provides an appropriate tightening of the clamp on the special profile of the contact wire. This clamp is provided with a discharge electrode for remaining or induced electric charges which frequently appear in this type of installations. The driving screw has a ‘’RO bayonet’’ end which allows easy coupling and detachment of the clamp from the ‘’RO bayonet’’ coupling systems of insulating sticks.

The Special Clamp for the Third Rail of the Subway power system has a copper-aluminium cast body and it is provided with a driving screw with an eye-type end to allow the handling of the clamp with the insulating stick provided with a hook-type adapter. The clamp body is provided with a hole that allows its placement or detachment of the clamp form the third rail using same devices (insulating stick + hook–type adapter).

Code P 2449-0-00F P 2160-0-00
Nominal short-circuit for t = 1 s Isc (kA) 30 kA/1s 30 kA/1s
Clamp body execution procedure Cast body Cast body
Material Aluminium alloy Copper alloy
Weight (kg) 0,60 1,82
Diameter of the conductor where the phase clamp can be applied Ø 3÷45  –
Rail type  – Type 40