Earthing clamp for connection to the rail

SKU: P 2185-0-00

Manual clamp for connection to the rail (CLPS) is a manually-operated clamp derived from the earthing clamp CLPN-30, built so that it allows its application on the base of the rolling track rails of railway installations.

Given its special application method, the clamp does not hinder the rolling track for the passage of rolling stock.

This clamp is provided with a special mobile jaw actuated by an inclined screw-fastening and an adjustable blockage system so that it can be fixed on the various shapes of rail bases used on the railway.

Manual clamp for connection to the rail (CLPS) P 2185-0-00
Nominal short-circuit for t = 1 s Isc (kA) 16 kA / 1s
Clamp body execution procedure Cast body
Material Copper alloy
Weight (kg) 1.6
Thickness of conductor bar where the phase clamp can be applied (mm)  40, 49, 60, R65 Type