Insulating gloves resistant to electric arc



SKU: Class 00 - 0 (LV) / 2 - 3 (MV)

Insulating gloves are personal protective equipment frequently used by electricians as auxiliary protective equipment against electrical shocks, in all types of low and high voltage power installations. They represent a barrier against the passage of electric current between the live conductor and the earth, by means of the human body.

ELECSAVE insulating gloves, in addition to other electrical insulating gloves, have also been successfully tested for their behavior at the thermal effects of the electric arc, according to the requirements described in standards EN 61482-1-1: 2009 and ASTM F2675 / F2575M-13.

Besides their insulating properties, insulating gloves also have other protective characteristics against substances or agents that may affect the human body, classified as follows with regard to their protective category:
A: acid resistant
H: oil resistant
Z: ozone resistant
C: resistant against very low temperatures (-40°C)
R: cumulates the protective characteristics type A, H, Z

Insulating gloves are made of natural latex (rubber), on fully automated production lines. The ergonomic shape and elasticity of the gloves make manual work comfortable and easy, even when worn over anti-perspiration cotton inner gloves and / or under leather protective gloves.
Covers for transport and storage can be provided on request.

Insulating gloves are types of equipment that require periodical dielectric inspection to make sure they maintain their insulating properties. The voltage rates applied to this equipment are called test voltage rates / withstand voltage, and their values are regulated by standards depending on the operating voltage. Periodical inspection must be performed in special conditions, in laboratories authorised for such tests by the Romanian Accreditation Association RENAR.
NOTE: Romind T&G has a High Voltage Test Laboratory accredited by RENAR .

* Test voltage = specified value of the voltage applied to a glove / boot throughout a definite period of time, in conditions specified by the standard, in order to see whether the insulation level is higher than a given value.
** Withstand voltage = the specified value of voltage which a glove / boot must withstand without flash-over, striking, puncture or another electrical effect when voltage is applied in standard specified conditions.

Sleeve length: 360 mm.
Average tensile strength: greater than 16 Mpa
Average elongation at break: greater than 600%
Usual size: 11
Sizes available on request, for quantities of at least 10 pieces: 9, 10 and 12



Maximum operating
voltage rate (V AC / DC)

Maximum proof
test current (mA)
(routine test)

Test voltage
(V AC / DC)

Withstand (puncture)
(V AC / DC)



500 / 750


2500 / 4000

5000 / 8000



1000 / 1500


5000 / 10000

10000 / 20000



17000 / 25500


20000 / 30000

30000 / 60000



26500 / 39750


30000 / 40000

40000 / 70000