Inspection device with video camera and wireless transmission for installations of up to 35 kV

The inspection device with video camera and wireless transmission allows a quick, simple and easy inspection of live low and medium voltage installations (overhead lines, transformers, insulators, etc.).

The device captures images or video footage of the inspected area remotely, without any contact with the installation and without de-energising the installation. It can also capture images of areas with extremely difficult access or areas which cannot be viewed.

The inspection device shall be installed at the end of a telescopic or connectable* insulating stick (with length according to the installation voltage) in order to be able to register and transmit live images through a wireless (WLAN) connection to a smartphone or tablet.

The inspection device with video camera and wireless transmission includes two components:

  • a professional video camera (GoPro model or similar), with a possibility of remote transmission of the information via wireless connection, mounted on a flexible adapter provided at one end with a 12-mm hexagonal rod, connectable to the hexagonal fastening system of insulating sticks. The camera is protected against impact and penetration of water by a transparent and tight housing.
  • a video lamp with 36 LEDs, with a light intensity variator which can be fixed in the hexagonal fastening system of insulating sticks, which allows the attachment of the video camera on top of the lamp, ideal for filming in low lighting conditions, or to fill shadows when filming in strong sun lighting conditions (deliverable optionally).

The main benefits of the use of this device are:

  • performance of inspections in electrical installations in areas with limited / difficult access due to the configuration of the installation or low visibility;
  • performance of inspections on live electrical installations without de-energising them (time saving, minimum effort, continued supply of electrical energy);
  • performance of inspections from the ground of insulators or switching equipment in low and medium voltage distribution networks.

Technical characteristics of the video camera

    Technical characteristics of the video lamp

Video: 1080 pixels 30 fps / Super-wide-angle lens – 170°

    Elements: 36 LED-uri

Screen 2.0” LCD / Resolution 12 MP

    Colour temperature: 5500 °K

Memory save on Micro SDHC card class 10 (not included)

    Brightness: 600 lumens

900 mAh accumulator, approx. 1,5 hours of autonomy

    Power supply: 2 xAA / R6

iSmart DV application available in App Store and Google Play

  Brightness adjustment potentiometer

Dimensions: 59,3 x 24,6 x 41,1 mm

    Dimensions: 69,7×69,7×32,5 mm

Operating temperature range : -15…+45 0C