Fault Passage Indicator for OHL 6-132 kV with built-in GSM communication Module – Linetroll R400D


SKU: Linetroll R400D

LineTroll R400D Fault Indicator indicates earth and short-circuit faults and can distinguish between permanent and transient faults.
The indicator has two sensors and use both the electrical field and the magnetic field to detect faults on all three phases.
A high intensity red strobe-flash LED indicates permanent faults and with the adjustable lens, the indication can be seen from long distance both in day– and night-time. Transient faults and low battery warning are indicated by separate LED’s.
LineTroll R400D has a built in GSM modem which will send SMS to one or more recipients upon a
fault situation and is one important part in NORTROLL’s system for Smarter Network Management.
Version with GPRS/DNP3 modem is also available as well as a version with a relay interface for connection to 3.party RTUs.

LineTroll R400D continuously monitors the line voltage and current, and detects faults either when the current exceeds an absolute configurable threshold or variation in current within a specific time (di/dt). The units has a built-in load current compensator which allows for detection of very low phase-to-earth faults. The unit has inrush current filtering to avoid false indication when the line is energized.

The unit is fully self-contained, no external transformers or connections is required and can be mounted in all types of poles and line configurations.

– Highly visible local indication
– Indicates both transient and permanent faults (Configurable)
– Detects phase-to-phase and low phase-to-earth faults
– Low power -> long battery lifetime
– Two-way communication
– Automatic reset feature
– Easy configuration without any DIP – switch settings
– Remotely configurable (Wireless or GSM)
– Time-stamped alarms and event log
– Built-in GPS for positioning and time-synchronization (option)

Application: Short circuit and Earth fault indication for overhead lines
System Voltage: MV– voltage network 6-132 kV
Grounding system: Isolated, resistor and solidly grounded.
Impedance grounded networks with restrictions.
Fault-detection: Sensitivity PtG di/dt: 2.5, 4, 7, 15, 20, 30, 40 or 50A (load current
PtP threshold: 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1000 A
PtP di/dt: 50%, 100% or 200% relative current increase
Fault Duration: >60 ms or >120 ms (configurable)
Innrush-blocking: Configurable: 5 to 15 sec
Automatic: Renergized line (Voltage), delay 15 to 30 sec
Timer: 1.5, 3, 6, or 12 hours
Manual: Rotating display unit to ”reset” position
Remotely: From SCADA or hand-held unit from ground
Indication: 1 Green LED for transient fault (Can be switched off)
High visibility red strobe-flash for permanent fault
Low battery indication LED (amber)
Intensity: > 40 lumens (permanent fault)
Power supply: 3 pcs Lithium D-size primary batteries
Battery life time: > 1500 hours flashing (8 years of operation)
Mounting: 3-5 meters below the conductor
Temperature: -25 la +70 ˚C
Housing: Polycarbonate, UV stabilized
Dimensions: 100 x 380 x 200 mm
Weight: 1300 gr (including box and 3 pcs battery)
Degree of protection: IP55, IK09 & V-0 UL
Communication: Wireless: 2,4 GHz short-range radio for configuration/ programming
GSM: SMS messaging for alarms and remote
GPS: For positioning data and real-time-clock
synchronization (Option)