Hybrid ladder IRMUT - extensible with anchoring system ENEL EA 0988 RO


The hybrid ladder is manufactured according the ENEL EA 0988 RO specification.
The ladder is extensible, from 3 sections, each section having 13 steps, supplementary provided with an integrated anchoring system in the device for supporting, sliding and anchoring the ladder on poles.

The first two sections (base and intermediary) have the stiles made of rectangular aluminum profiles, the third section (top – the section that reaches the area of the live electric conductors) has the stiles made of polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass (GRP). The steps are made of aluminum.

The top section is provided with two plastic rolls in order for the ladder to be extended on walls.

The device for supporting, sliding and anchoring the ladder on poles contains a metallic system provided with a central roll that allows the ladder to slide along the rectangular poles and two rubber lateral rolls (position in V form) in order to easily extend the ladder on cylindrical poles with diameters between Ø 80 mm – Ø 420 mm.

On the metallic system two lateral ropes are connected through snap hooks. There ropes assure the ladder against twisting it on the pole, by twisting the ropes around the pole.

The device for supporting, sliding and anchoring the ladder on poles is provided with an eyelet from which it is attached a flexible anchoring support provided with a fall arrester that must be used by operators during ascending / working / descending from the ladder.

The metallic system has a simple and efficient mechanism for coupling – uncoupling from the steps of the top section, thus allowing the detachment of the entire system from the ladder and its protection during transport.

The ladder is provided with two detachable feet, height adjustable, provided with anti-slip articular soles.

In order to be used in optimum conditions, the sections can be separated one from another, the ladder can be used only with two sections (intermediary and top) or with one section (top). Also the adjustable feet can be fixed on any of the ladder’s sections.


VA 30039-3

Number sections x steps

3 x 13

Maximum working load (kg)


Ladder extended length with three sections (base + intermediary + top) (m)


Ladder extended length with two sections (intermediary + top) (m)


Ladder length with one section (top) (m)


Ladder width without / with feet (m)

0,47 / 0,66

Total weight (without accessories) (kg)


Weight detachable foot (1 piece) (kg)


Weight anchoring device (without ropes) (kg)


Weight extension hook (kg)


Weight telescopic anti-flexion device (kg)


The hybrid ladders are delivered along with the following accessories:
– telescopic anti-flexion device – for greater rigidity during work
– extension hook for operating the ladder from the ground