‘’Tr’’ type fixed point


Intended use: achievement of permanent fixed points for the assembly of phase clamps of short-circuiting devices in HV / MV substations, on round section conductors for the improvement of mounting conditions for the short-circuiting devices.

Assembly method: manually, at height, with the de-energisation of the installation. The application is performed on flexible multicore conductors or round section rigid bars.

„T” fixed points types:
-„Tr” – for flexible multicore conductors – sections between 185 and 680 mm2 (Ø19–36 mm)
-„T55” – for rigid round bars with a diameter of 55 mm
-„T80” – for rigid round bars with a diameter of 80 mm


  • Body – 1 piece
  • Cap – 1 piece
  • Fittings – 2 sets

Technical characteristics


Nominal short-circuiting current for t=1s Isc (kA)


Nominal shock (peak) current for t=0,02s Isd (kA)


Short-circuit test current for t=1s (kA)


Shock (peak) test current for t=0,02s (kA)


Nominal value of the peak factor


Nominal diameters of multicore flexible conductors ØD (mm)

19 – 36

Cross-section of multicore flexible conductors (mm2)

185 – 680


-Body – 1 piece

-Cover – 1 piece

-Fittings – 2 sets