Bird protection devices

Medium and high voltage overhead lines are exposed to bird collisions that can generate short-circuits, equipment destruction and other costly incidents for the electric line operators and also the injury or even death of birds that hit the line conductors.

Bird protection devices are installed on overhead electric lines and include visual elements that help the birds notice from the distance the presence of electrical line conductors and avoid potentially lethal collisions. Additionally, the presence of these devices prevents the birds from building nests on the poles and lines. Studies performed until now indicate that once these devices are installed on conductors, there is a dramatic decrease of bird fatalities and a decrease of incidents in the installations.

The bird protection devices are manufactured in two constructive versions: FireFly and BirdMark Afterglow, both having the same properties and effectiveness.

FireFly devices are recommended for installation on overhead line conductors at 10-meters intervals, alternating their positioning on each of the line conductors, and due to their shape and movement (balancing + rotation) they are easy to see and thus repel the birds from the installation. The device includes a plate of translucent plastic on which there are attached reflecting and nighttime luminescent plates in multiple colours, that can easily be noticed both during the day and in low light and fog conditions.

The FireFly device starts to spin at a wind speed of approximately 3 – 5 km/h. Given their balancing and rotation, both during the day and the night, FireFly devices warn the birds in their flight path by the reflexion of the sun light and reflected ultraviolet light (many bird species can also see the ultraviolet spectrum).

BirdMark Afterglow devices are recommended for installation on overhead line conductors 3 – 5 meters apart, alternating their position on each of the line conductors, particularly in strong wind areas. This device includes a perforated disc provided with reflecting and luminescent plates during the night time to avoid collision with birds during their flight, both during the day and the night. The disc absorbs the ultraviolet and visible light and releases visible light at dusk and dawn. The product glow is noticeable for 10 -12 hours after the sunset. BirdMark Afterglow is perfect for extreme wind conditions, such as coast lines and mountain areas, because 90% of the air current goes through the perforations of the disc, at the same time balancing the disc and reflecting the sun light on various directions.

Bird protection devices are provided with an elastic clamp for fastening them on the overhead line conductors to prevent their slippage. The elastic clamp is made of weather-resistant plastic, provided with a stainless-steel spring. The clamp can be installed easily on overhead lines, with a stick and a mounting-dismounting adapter.