Aluminium suspension platform ladders for works on lattice poles

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Suspension platform ladders are technical equipment recommended to be used for works on HV overhead line metallic (lattice) poles to interventions to the chains of support or tightening insulators and the chain reinforcements.

Suspension platform ladders are used both in vertical and in horizontal position, by hanging them on the metallic brackets of lattice poles. They are made of aluminium profiles and are provided at one end with two steel hooks provided with safety chains against accidental detachment, and at the other end with the swiveling hook which allows the use of the ladder as a platform.
Ladders are provided on one of the rails with a “T” profile to act as a support element for the sliding fall arrester, manufactured as per EN 353-1 standard.
Suspension platform ladders are manufactured in multiple versions (from a single module or from
two modules) and multiple dimensions so they can be used in the widest range of works.

In horizontal position, platform ladders can be used by a single worker.

Code Number of modules Ladder length (m) Weight* (kg)
011/AG 3 1 3 14,8
011/AG 3,5 1 3,5 16,3
011/AG 4 1 4 17,9
011/AG 6,2 2 6 (4+2) 25,2


Technical characteristics of suspension ladders and suspension platform ladders

Maximum work load (vertical / horizontal) (kg)

300 / 100
Hook opening (mm) 220
Ladder width (mm) 305
Distance between rungs (mm) 300
Length / opening of swiveling hook – models 011/AG (mm) 900 / 100